Adding a comment to a document

Use the comment feature to provide feedback to a document author.

Add a comment to a document to provide feedback to a document author, as an informal review mechanism, or to make notes on a document for your own use. Edit or delete your own comments, and view comments from other library users. When a working draft document is published and becomes visible in the public area of the library, any comments attached to the document are also publicly visible.

To add a comment to a document:

  1. Click on the down arrow next to a document name to display the menu.
  2. Click Comments. The summary screen is displayed.
  3. Click Add a comment...
  4. In the Comments screen, type the comment content in the editor box. Note that controls are available in the editor box for applying bold, italic and underline formatting, indention, and numbering to the content.
  5. Click Add when you have finished creating the comment.

When the comment view is expanded, modify a comment by clicking Edit under the comment text, or delete a comment by clicking Delete.