Using the library viewer

In addition to providing you with a window to your library views, you can also work with documents and create documents from the library viewer. Even though you are working with your documents in the library viewer, the source of these documents resides in the library view that this component is configured to display.

To view and open documents from the library viewer, click on the document name to display a read-only preview page. From this page, you can perform actions on the document, such as editing or downloading.

To explore other options available to you in the library viewer:

  1. Click New to perform the following actions:
    • Create documents
    • Upload documents
    • Customize the New menu
    Note: The default name of the button is New. The creator of the library viewer can change the button name.
  2. Click Views to change between available library views.
  3. Hover near a document name and click on the down arrow to display the context menu. Use the context menu to perform the following actions:
    • View a document
    • Download a document
    • Send a link to a document
    • Check out a document
    • Check in a document
    • Edit a document
    • Edit document properties
    • Replace a document
    • Rename a document
    • Copy or move a document
    • Delete a document
    • Convert document format
    • Set access to a document
    • Publish a document to an external location
    • Add a comment to a document
    • Work with previous versions of a document
    • View document properties
  • Depending on the view that the library viewer is configured to point to in your place and your access rights, you may not see all of these options shown in the menus. For example, the New button only displays when the library viewer is configured to allow team members to create documents from the library viewer.
  • Depending on the configurations used for the library viewer, you may not see a document that you create from the library viewer or see a document after working with it. The document can always be found in the library that your library viewer is configured to display.
  • To add the library viewer to a page, click Place Actions > Modify Place Layout. Click the Edit Page Layout button next to the page to which you want to add the library viewer. Click Add portlets and search for "library viewer". Once you locate and select the library viewer in the search results, click OK and then Done.
  • For detailed instructions on the options available to you from the documents context menu, see Working with documents