Configuring a library viewer

You must configure the library viewer to point to one or more library views in a place. To begin configuring your library for the first time, click the name of a library listed in the library viewer to begin.

To change an existing library viewer configuration expand the portlet menu and click Edit Shared Settings. You must have manger access to configure the library viewer.

To configure a library viewer:
  1. Edit the configuration of the library viewer.
    1. If a library has not been selected for the viewer, click the name of the library. The library is associated with the viewer, and the Configure the Library Viewer screen displays.
    2. If the viewer is already associated with a library, expand the portlet menu and click Edit Shared Settings. The Configure the Library Viewer screen displays.
  2. Enter a name for your library viewer in the Name field. This field is required and has a 252 character limit.
  3. Enter a description for your place in the Description field. The description entered here is displayed by the name of your library viewer. This field is optional and has a 252 character limit.
  4. To change the Library associated with the viewer, click Change next to the library name and then click on a library name to point the library viewer to that library. Click OK to save your selection.
  5. Click Select views to display in this library viewer. Navigate to the Shared or Draft view listing and then select the view that you want to display in the library viewer by clicking on the view name. For example, click Draft and then select Working Drafts, Submitted Drafts, or Drafts to Approve as appropriate. This selection is required. You may select more than one view. If a view has already been selected or you want to add additional views, click Select more views. Views will be displayed in the order they are selected. New views are added to the end of the list of currently selected views.
  6. Choose whether the team can create documents in the library viewer or only work with documents existing in a referenced library view by selecting one of these options:
    • Users may create any documents they could create in their library
    • Present users with a simple document creation scenario
      • If you select this option, you must select a document type with a template. You can also provide a name for the button that will create documents and suggest a filename for documents created. You may use the string {user} in your suggested filename to automatically insert the display name of the current user or the string {date} to insert the current date and time into the suggested filename when the user clicks New.
    • Prevent users from creating documents through this library viewer
  7. Click Save when you finish configuring the library viewer.
Note: The library viewer is configured to point to one or more views in your place. Depending on the views selected when you configure the library viewer, you may not see the content you create from the library viewer. You can always locate this content in the library that your library viewer references. Examples of configured views that would result in you not seeing your content in the library viewer are as follows:
  • The configured view is limited to content of a certain type, file format, or other property and does not match the same criteria of your new content.
  • The configured view is limited to displaying content of a particular age or to content created by a specific user.