Managing document templates

Use an existing document as a template for new documents.

A document template is associated with a specific document file format, such as Microsoft® Word format (.doc) or Rich Text Editor (.ort). When creating a new document template, an existing document is specified as the basis for the template. There are two types of templates: local and shared. Local document templates are available only within a single library. Shared document templates are available to all libraries on a server.

To create a document template:

  1. Click Manage Library > Manage Library Elements > Document Templates.
  2. Click the Upload Template button to identify a document that will be used to create a new template.
  3. Type the template document file name in the File field, or click the Browse button to navigate to the file. The document that you specify will be used as the basis for the document template.
  4. The template name defaults to the file name. You can change the name to better indicate the characteristics of the template document.
  5. Click Save.
To edit, delete, view, download, or change the properties of a template, click the down arrow beside the template name. Click Related Management to work with Document Types or Property Sheets.