Importing documents from a feed

Import documents from a Web site into a document library using a feed.

Documents published on a Web site and sent to subscribers using an RSS or Atom feed can be imported into a library, if the library manager allows it. To import documents into a library using a feed:
  1. Initiate the import process from the top level of the library, or from a folder where you want the imported documents to be stored:
    • From the top level of the library, click the Upload button.
    • Click the down arrow next to a folder name, then click Upload.
  2. In the Upload file screen, click to select Import from feed.
  3. Enter the URL of the Web site that supplies the feed.
  4. Enter the UserID and the Password that you used to subscribe to the feed. If no username and password are required to access the feed, leave these fields blank.
  5. You can change the location where the imported documents will be stored by clicking Change next to Upload to folder.
  6. The imported documents will be assigned the document type that is set as the default type for the document library, unless you click Change to explicitly set the document type.
  7. If you want to notify other users, or receive a notice in your own email, when the upload is completed, enter the names in the Notify via email field, or click the Add users link to search for user names.
  8. If the import brings in a file that already exists in the library, the default setting is to replace the existing file. You can change this by clicking to select Do not replace existing files.
  9. Click Upload to begin the import process.
Note: Some feeds require authentication with a user ID and password. In order to be notified if your user ID or password is invalid, or has insufficient authority, you should add your email address to the list of users to be notified when the upload succeeds.