All External Publish Errors View

View all the documents of an IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ library that could not be successfully published to an ECM repository.

The All External Publish Errors view displays all the documents of the library on which the previous publish operation initiated by any of the place members with appropriate access to the library, failed. This view displays the details of documents sorted on the basis of publish date. The details of the document include the name of the document, the publish date, and Failed as the publish status.

To access and use the All External Publish Errors view:

  1. Move your mouse over the External Publish Views tab and select All External Publish Errors.
  2. To view information related to the failure of documents to publish to the ECM repository, click the Details link next to a document. This displays the information under the External Publish Information section of the summary view of that document.
  3. To retry publishing documents that could not be successfully published to the ECM repository in the previous attempt, click Retry.
    Note: You can retry a publish operation only if you made the previous attempt to publish the document or if you have Manager level access to the library.