Republishing documents to an ECM repository

Republish an IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ document to an ECM repository if you have worked upon the document after the last publish operation, and now want to update the copy in the ECM repository with the latest one from Lotus Quickr.

You must have a minimum of Editor level access to the document or be the owner of the document that you want to move to the ECM repository. Also, appropriate administrative settings need to be configured to enable you to copy the documents of your Lotus Quickr library to an ECM repository.
The republishing of Lotus Quickr documents to an ECM repository implies copying again, the documents that have been copied to the ECM repository at least once, before.
  1. Navigate to the Lotus Quickr library that contains the document that you want to republish to the ECM repository.
  2. Click the title of the document to go to the summary view.
  3. Click the External Publish Information tab.
  4. Click Republish.
  5. Specify values for the properties related to the document being republished. Depending on the administrative settings, you will see some of these fields pre-populated with appropriate values.
  6. Click Next.

The document, along with its properties, is republished to the ECM repository. Upon republishing, a new version of the document is created in the ECM repository.

Lotus Quickr documents are published to an ECM repository in an asynchronous manner. Thus, you don't have to wait for the completion of publishing of a large document to an ECM repository before proceeding to the next task. The Lotus Quickr document that is being published to an ECM repository is locked and unavailable for editing until the publish operation is complete. You can continue with your work in your place while the publishing operation is in progress. Later, you can view the publish details for the document under the External Publish Information tab of its summary view. Alternatively, to know the status of a publish operation executed by you on a particular document, access the Published Externally by Me View from the External Publish Views tab.