Creating ECM document links

Create an ECM document link to access an ECM document from an IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ library.

To create a link to a document stored in an ECM repository from a Lotus Quickr library:
  1. Navigate to the Lotus Quickr library in which you want to create the ECM document link.
  2. Click New > Link to a Document.
  3. The Server field in the link picker box contains the name or the web address of the last server you accessed, by default. Select a different server, if required.
    Note: The server details you specify in this step should be for the server where the ECM Services are installed. Contact your Administrator for details.
  4. By default, the Log in with my current credentials checkbox is selected for you to authenticate with your Lotus Quickr credentials. In case you want to specify different credentials:
    1. Uncheck the Log in with my current credentials checkbox.
    2. Specify the user name and password.
    3. Click Log In.
    The folders and documents on the selected server are displayed.
  5. Select an ECM document to link to.
  6. Click OK.
The label for the ECM document link is the title of the ECM document prefixed with Link to. Also, a small link icon gets overlaid on the original document icon.

The document link is stored in Lotus Quickr as a document with extension .qkr.

Note: This is just a link to a document stored in the ECM repository. You can only view the summary of this document and download this document, or delete, rename, copy, and move the link to this document from your Lotus Quickr library. You cannot edit the ECM document using this link.