Check out a document

Check out a document to lock it. Locking a document prevents others from changing the document while you are working with it.

If document locking is turned on, when a document is being edited it is automatically locked to prevent edit conflicts. Documents that are locked are indicated by a small lock icon.
Note: Checking out a document on an IBM FileNet P8 connection automatically creates a draft of the document. On IBM Content Manager, check out can be done without creating a draft.

To check out a document:

  1. Click the down arrow next to a document name to display the menu.
  2. Click Check Out.
  3. To unlock the document, display the context menu and click Cancel check out. If you cancel the checkout, any pending drafts are deleted. If the document is only a draft, and has not yet been promoted to a document, then the draft is removed entirely.
    Note: To check out documents on the document summary page click Check Out.