Opening a document

Open a document in a Custom Library to edit or download the document.

Each document name listed in a Custom Library component is an active link. When you click a document name, a document summary page opens where you are presented with options to work with the document. From this page, you can perform actions on the document, such as editing or downloading.

To open and preview a document:

  1. Click the document name to open the document summary page.
  2. In the document summary screen, the following document activities are available:
    • Edit document
      Note: This option will only display if the Lotus Connectors have been installed.
      Click Edit document to launch the editing application that is associated with the document, and edit the document. If the associated editing application is not available, an error message is displayed. This message varies according to your operating system, but you may be able to indicate the appropriate editing application from the error window.
    • Replace
    • Edit Properties
    • Check Out/In
    • Delete
    • Download this file
  3. From the document summary, you can use the breadcrumb trail to return to the document folder.
  4. Click About this File to display information about the file such as a description, date when the file was last updated, date when the file was added and the file size.
  5. Click Versions to display a list of previous versions of the document. You can restore and download previous versions of a document or create a new version of a document.
  6. Click Properties to display a list of properties for the document.
  7. If you are working with a page or compound document, click Attachments to display a list of attachments for the document. You can add, replace, download and delete attachments.
When viewing a set or list of documents, such as in a folder or view, a maximum number of documents is displayed in the list at one time. The default number of list items displayed is set to 10, and can be changed to display a maximum of 50 items. If there are more items than can be displayed in the document list, the Next button becomes enabled at the bottom of the list. You can use search, or change your view conditions, to see additional documents.