Editing document properties

Edit information about a document, such as author, title, and description, that is saved in the library along with the content of the document.

Some of these properties are set automatically, such as author, date created, date last modified, and the user who last modified the document. Some properties are editable, such as the document title and description properties. In addition to providing other users with more information about the document, document properties allow better searching of documents.

You can not edit document properties if the document is checked out by another user.

To edit document properties:

  1. Click on the down arrow next to the name of the document that you want to edit, then click Edit Properties.
    Note: When using the details view click more. You can also access document properties from the document summary.
  2. The following properties can be modified:
    • File name: This is the name displayed in the document list.
    • Title: When you select a file from the file system, this field is automatically updated with the local file name as the default title. You can modify the title of the document. This allows you to avoid file name restrictions, which match the limitations of most operating systems, and assign a longer and more descriptive name to the document. The document title shows on the document summary page and can optionally be added as a column in the table layout.
    • Description: Type a brief description of the file's contents.
    • Document type: Click Change if you wish to assign a different document type to the document. Applies only to IBM FileNet P8.
    • Create version: Creating a version will save an archive copy of the document that is being edited. You can also add information on why the version was created in the Change summary field. The Create version option is only available for document types with manual versioning. Applies only to IBM Content Manager.
    • Metadata: Data that describes the characteristics of the document. Extended metadata associated with the document is determined by the Document Type.
    Note: You can create document names using non-Latin characters (such as Japanese and Cyrillic). However, some characters are invalid, such as asterisks (*), question marks (?), less than and greater than signs (<, >), apostrophes ('), quotes ("), backward and forward slashes (\, /), pipes (|), square brackets ([ or ]), and colons (:). You will receive an error message when trying to use a name with these characters. Names can contain spaces.
  3. Click Check In or Save as Draft to save the changes.