Working with documents

Work with documents on an ECM server using Custom Library. Create new documents on an ECM server. Upload a file to bring a document from your computer into an ECM library. Download a document from an ECM library to your computer.

As you work in collaboration with other users, you will encounter items that are locked by other users, either because they are being edited by another user, or a draft item has been created.

Check out a document to lock it. Locking a document prevents others from changing the document while you are working with it. A lock symbol is displayed against items that are currently locked.

While you are working on a document, store the document in draft state. A document draft is a private version of a document that is visible only to the user who created the draft. A document draft can be edited and saved as often as desired.

Use the Views dropdown to access the data in a Custom Library using predefined targeted queries defined in ECM. Select a query from the list and a unique set of results is displayed. You can navigate the documents in a view and use the context menu for each item inline the same as you do with folders .