Working with document attachments

From the document summary you can add, replace, delete and download attachments.

Attachments appear in the document summary for both pages published to ECM from Lotus Quickr as well as compound documents that already existed in ECM. A compound document is a collection of physically separate documents that are attached to a parent document to comprise a single virtual document in an ECM repository.

To work with document attachments:

  1. Click a document to open the document summary.
  2. Click Attachments to display a list of available attachments.
  3. To add an attachment, click Add attachment. Select the file you want to add. The File name field will default to the name of the file selected but can be modified. Click OK.
  4. To replace an attachment, click Replace next to the attachment you want to replace. Select the file you want to replace the attachment with. The File name field can also be modified. Click OK.
  5. To delete an attachment, click Delete next to the attachment you want to delete and click OK.
  6. To download an attachment, click Download next to the attachment you want to download.