Uploading documents

Uploading a file allows you to copy a document from your computer into ECM repository without leaving your IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ environment.

To import a file:

  1. Click Upload a File.
  2. Type the file path in the File field, or click Browse and navigate to the file on your computer.
  3. By default, the File name field is filled in based on the name of the file on your local computer, but you can type over this to change the file name.
  4. Click Check In or Save as Draft to upload the document to the current folder. The file is uploaded to the folder or location where you clicked the Upload a File button.
  5. The following fields and document characteristics can be modified:
    • File name: This is the name displayed in the document list.
    • Title: When you select a file from the file system, this field is automatically updated with the local file name as the default title. You can modify the title of the document. This allows you to avoid file name restrictions, which match the limitations of most operating systems, and assign a longer and more descriptive name to the document. The document title shows on the document summary page and can optionally be added as a column in the table layout.
    • Description: Type a brief description of the file's contents.
    • Document type: Click Change if you wish to assign a different document type to the document.
    • Metadata: Data that describes the characteristics of the document. Extended metadata associated with the document is determined by the Document Type.