Custom Library layouts

Custom Library has 2 standard layouts, a details layout and a table layout. To change the layout click on the appropriate icon in the upper right of the view window.

Folders appear first in the display list, followed by documents. This means that sorting by name sorts the folders alphabetically, followed by a list of documents sorted alphabetically. The draft version of a document is displayed until the document is published. If there is a draft version of a published document, the draft version is displayed. Drafts of documents are displayed in both layouts and can only be viewed by the owner of the draft.

Document List Layout (Table)

The standard Custom Library layout is tabular.

Clicking on the context menu arrows brings up a menu with options. The list of actions varies depending on the state of the document, the permissions available to the current user and whether you are working with a document or a folder. Some of the possible actions are listed below:
  • Download
  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Edit Document
  • Edit properties
  • Replace
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Cancel check out
Note: The columns in the table layout are configurable. For more information see Configuring a Custom Library.

Document List Layout (Details)

The details layout dedicates more space per folder and document. Details are listed underneath the folder/document name. A description is also listed for each folder/document. When a row is expanded in the details layout, additional actions are displayed similar to those in the context menu in the tabular view.