Exploring the policies catalog

You can view a list of the policies on the site and create, edit, or delete polices from the policies catalog.

To access the policies catalog, click Policies in Places Administration. The policies catalog lists all of the policies on your site in a table view. Explore the policies catalog as you refer to this topic to learn more about how you can work with policies from Places Administration.

Modifying how places are displayed

You can modify how policies are displayed in the policies catalog by sorting and filtering information.

Sort by column header
Sort the list of places by the column headers: Policy name, Maximum size, Warning size, Expiration limit, Expiration warning, Modifications limit and Modifications warning.

To create, edit, or delete policies from the policies catalog, click Create new policy, Edit policy, or Delete policy respectively.

Printing the places catalog

Click Print to organize the information in your policies catalog in a format that you can print or copy the contents to other applications.

Subscribing to the policies feed

You can subscribe to the policies feed. If your browser is feed-aware, you can immediately add feed subscriptions. If not, you will need to install a feed-reader before you can add feed subscriptions. If your browser is feed-aware, click Subscribe. Your browser will prompt you to subscribe to the current page. If your browser is not feed-aware, right-click on Subscribe and use your browser's copy link or copy shortcut feature to copy the link into your feed-reader. Refer to your browser documentation for further information.