Exploring the places catalog

The places catalog allows you to view a list of the places on the site, manage places, and assign policies to places.

To access the places catalog, click Places in Places Administration. The places catalog lists all of the places on the IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ server in a table view. Explore the places catalog as you refer to this topic to learn more about how you can administer and manage places from Places Administration.

Modifying how places are displayed

You can modify how places are displayed in the places catalog by sorting and filtering information.

Sort by column header
Sort the list of places by the column headers: Title, Policy Name, Size, Last Modified.
Using filters
You can filter the list of places by title, all places, locked places and Policy alerts.

Working with places

To learn more about the places that are listed in the places catalog, click on the place name to view the place summary. The place summary provides you with a quick glance of information, such as the place URL, the policy assigned to a place, and policy details (such as status, alert limits, and policy limits). The place summary also displays a list of usage statistics for that place. To learn more about place usage statistics see Working with place statistics.

The More Actions menu on the place summary allows you to lock and unlock places, send mail, back up and archive places, view back ups and restore archived places. If you back up a place, the place will remain active in the places catalog and a back up of the place is created. When you archive a place, a back up of the place is created and the place is removed from the places catalog. Use view place archives to view a list of archived places or to select an archive to restore to the place catalog.

The Assign policy button allows you to assign a different policy to the place. You can also enter the place by clicking on the place name beside the title Place Summary, the place title, or the place name. When you are ready to return to the places catalog, click All Places.

Printing the places catalog

Click Print to organize the information in your places catalog in a format that you can print or copy the contents to other applications, such as a spreadsheet.