Configuring your mail service

You must configure your mail service before you can send mail to place managers, place members, or to general e-mail addresses in the places catalog.

  1. Open the WebSphere® Application Server administrative console. The default location is https://your_quickr_server:10041/ibm/console.
  2. Click Resources > Mail > Mail Providers > Built-in Mail Provider.
  3. In the Additional Properties panel click Mail Sessions.
  4. Click New and enter the Name and JNDI Name using the following format:
    • Name: mailSession01
    • JNDI Name: mail/personalizationMailSession.
  5. Note the JNDI Name for the mail session.
  6. In the Mail Transport Host field enter the name of your mail server.
  7. Make sure that the Transport Protocol is set to SMTP.
  8. Enter the name of the SMTP mail server for your network.
  9. Click OK > Save > Save.
  10. From the navigation tree of the Administrative Console, click Resources > Resource Environment Providers.
  11. Create a new provider named WP MailService. The mail service is listed with other available services.
  12. Select the service from the list to edit it.
  13. Click Custom Properties.
  14. Create two new custom properties with the following names and values:
    • mail.from.fallback: a valid e-mail address for your IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ administrator.
    • the JNDI name of the mail service from the Mail Sessions link in Step 5.
  15. Click OK > Save > Save.
  16. Reboot the server.