Locking and unlocking places

An administrator can lock a place to prevent others from entering that place from the Places Catalog. Place members will not be able to enter a place until an administrator unlocks the place.

An administrator can lock and unlock places, even when there are no policy violations. When a place is locked, the place name remains on the Home page of the site. If a place member clicks on the place name from the Home page, the member receives an error until the administrator unlocks the place. When a place is locked by an administrator or locked due to a policy violation, the place manager should contact the administrator to resolve place issues.
  1. From Places Administration, click Places.
  2. Select the check box next to a place name in the places catalog.
    Note: You can lock or unlock multiple places by selecting all of the check boxes that apply.
  3. To lock a place, click More Actions > Lock. To unlock a place, click More Actions > Unlock
    Note: You can identify locked places by the lock icon under the Locked column of the places catalog or click Locked places to filter your view to display only the locked places.