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Your content is welcome in Lotus Quickr.

Store and share all your content in Lotus Quickr, including documents, images, rich-media files, podcasts, attachments from Lotus Notes, and files from Lotus Symphony or Microsoft Office.

IBM Lotus Quickr

IBM Lotus Quickr

Start Collaborating

IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software that helps you share content, collaborate and work faster online with your teams. Its team collaboration software is designed to transform the way groups work together on projects and share everyday content.

Store and Share Content

There are many ways to take advantage of content sharing. Some examples include: uploading and storing your existing content into a library to share with your team, using the save and send link option in Lotus Notes e-mail to store an attachment in Lotus Quickr, or sharing content by dragging a file from Lotus Quickr into a Lotus Sametime chat session.

Share Your Thoughts and Ideas

IBM Lotus Quickr provides tools to help you collaborate including blogs and wikis. Simply create or access a place that includes a blog or wiki. Next, click New Post (for blogs) or New page (for wikis), then enter a name for your post or wiki page. Type your information into the editor, then save your changes. Spread the word about your blog or wiki page by sending others a link to your new creation!

Create a Place of Your Own

Anyone can create a Lotus Quickr place in a few easy steps. First click Create a Place on the home page, then select a template on which to base your place. Next provide a name, description, and other information, then click Create. Now you can add members and content to your new place or customize your place to meet your needs.

Do More with Lotus Quickr Connectors

Connectors enable you to access Lotus Quickr content from applications such as Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, IBM Lotus Notes, and IBM Lotus Sametime. To take advantage of this functionality, click the Find Out More link below to download and install Lotus Quickr connectors.

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